VIP Program

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VIP Program

VIP Program

You are special at Midtown Wellness. We have launched our VIP Program to say "Thank you" to our most dedicated customers.

Program Benefits
  • Botox: $9/unit
  • Fillers: 20% off, or 30% off if three or more syringes purchased at one time
  • Microneedling: 20% off
  • Novathreads: 20% off
  • IV Therapy: 20% off
  • Hormone Pellets: 10% off
  • EPAT Treatments: 20% off
  • PRP for Hair Loss: 15% off
  • PRP Facial: 15% off
  • P-Shot: 20% off
  • B12 Shots: $15 ea.
  • Tissue Treatment w/ Stem Cells: 20% off

To become a member of our VIP Program you must already be receiving treatment at Midtown Wellness via:

GAINSwave Maintenance program - $300/month. You must have already completed a Six treatment package to join the Maintenance program. The program which includes one GAINSwave treatment per month PLUS treatment with Tadalafil or Sildenafil.

Hormone Therapy program - $150/month for women, $180/month for men. All Pellet patients must join the monthly program and pay monthly program fee in lieu of fee for pellet. Three month membership required for entry into the VIP Program.

Testosterone program - $300/month. You may visit the clinic or if you are in the Tulsa area we will come to you!

IV Therapy program - $99/month. You receive one Myers Cocktail or Vitamin C IV therapy treatment per month. Add $10 to upgrade to MIC IV therapy and $25 to upgrade to High Dose Vitamin C.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment: