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There are an increasing number of services available to treat decreased libido or decreased sexual response in women. We offer hormone treatments for women to increase libido. We offer hormone treatments in three forms:
  • pellets
  • creams
  • injections
Your Midtown Wellness medical team can discuss these options with you in your complimentary hormone consultation. For more information on hormone therapy, please visit our Hormone Therapy page.


The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) procedure is a method of using platelet-rich plasma (blood-derived growth factors) to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve women with urinary incontinence and sex problems. The following medical issues may be treated with the O-Shot:
  • Decreased libido (sex drive)
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Dryness (with resulting painful intercourse) from Menopause or from Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Decreased ability to orgasm
  • Urge urinary incontinence
  • Chronic pain from trauma from child birth (episiotomy scars)
If you think you would benefit from the O-Shot®, make a complimentary consultation appointment with Midtown Wellness.

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