Peptide Therapy

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Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is the targeted use of peptides to produce a specific reaction in the body. Peptides are chains of amino acids that can be thought of as small proteins. These small proteins, when properly administered, communicate with different parts of the body by binding with receptors to signal health improvement. Once they bind to the cell surface, they tell other cells and molecules what to do. The body uses these peptides to facilitate cell-to-cell communication and allowing the body to switch certain cell functions on or off. This property can be harnessed and used to trigger specific therapeutic effects for treatment for numerous health issues including erectile dysfunction.

Peptide Options:

Thymosin Beta 4 – TB4 is a naturally occurring peptide present in every cell in our bodies except red blood cells. It is released in response to injuries and has been studied for its many effects on healing and repair to blood vessels, neurologic and soft tissues. It is taken as a daily injection for a short course during GAINSWave treatment and is highly recommended to get the maximum response to that treatment.

PT-141 - A peptide that stimulates sex drive and erections in men and women. It is given as an injection before sexual activity and the effects can last several days.

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