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Lifestyle medicine is a scientific approach to decreasing disease risk and illness burden by utilizing lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, rest, smoking cessation, and avoidance of alcohol abuse. Lifestyle medicine is the recommended foundational approach to preventing and treating many chronic diseases.

American College of Preventative Medicine

Physican Coaching

Dr. Price is trained in Lifestyle Medicine and coaching his patients to identify and reduce factors in their lives that increase their propensity to chronic illness. The coaching program also focuses on increasing your overall enjoyment of life by living a healthy lifestyle. Accountability is key to the success of any lifestyle medicine program. Dr. Price will coach you to better health and hold you accountable for your success..

Weight Loss

Healthy, sustainable weight loss is our goal. Dr. Price will start with a health assessment that may include hormone evaluation, genetic testing, microbiome evaluation, sleep study and stress evaluation. Once Dr. Price has evaluated your current state, you will work together to determine your long-term and shorter-term weight loss goals. The focus is on long-term health improvement, not quick fixes. The recommended program includes ongoing coaching sessions with Dr. Price until you have reached your health goals.

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