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Hormone Therapy
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Tulsa Hormone Therapy

Midtown Wellness Institute of Tulsa treats hormone deficiency in both men and women. Men and women can begin to experience signs of hormone deficiency in their early thirties. As women enter perimenopause, and men enter andropause, they may begin to experience symptoms such as fatigue, moodiness, brain fog, weight gain, irritability, headache, depression, anxiety, increased body fat and loss of muscle mass. There are several treatment options that relieve these symptoms and restores enjoyment and quality of life.

We develop a customized treatment protocol based on your lab results and personal health goals.

Bio-identical Pellets

The benefit of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy administered via pellet injection is that the patient receives a consistent dosage during the 3-4 month period the pellet is active. The pellet is inserted under the skin in the hip area in a minor procedure in the office. Pellets may be used in both men and women. Pellets may be considered more convenient for patients that cannot or do not want to visit the clinic regularly for testosterone injections.

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are commonly used for the treatment of low testosterone in men, but can also be used in women. The injections are performed in our office under the supervision of our medical director, Dr. Blaine Price. Dr. Price has extensive experience treating low testosterone in men. The injections are performed on a regular basis in order to ensure consistent, optimum levels. In most patients, signs of low testosterone including fatigue and low libido, are improved over time.

We offer two programs for your hormone needs. Our Hormone Therapy program is $150/month for women and $180/month for men. All pellet patients must join the monthly program and pay monthly program fee in lieu of fee for the pellet and labs. A three month membership is required for entry into the VIP Program.

Our Testosterone Injection program is $300/month. You may visit the clinic or if you are in the Tulsa area we will come to you for your injection. A three month membership is required for entry into the VIP Program.

Gels & Creams

Midtown Wellness Institute may have a compounding pharmacy develop a customized treatment gel or cream to treat your hormone deficiency. Both men and women may choose to use a gel or cream depending on their lab results and symptoms. Gels and creams may be considered convenient since the medicine is administered daily at home. Utilizing a compounding pharmacy ensures that you are getting the optimum dosage of testosterone for men, and testosterone and estrogen for women.

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