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Health Assessments
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Tulsa Health Assessments

Health and Lifestyle Assessments dive in deep with a thorough review of your current state and lifestyle. The evaluations look at nutrition, sleep, stress, relationships, and recent significant life events. This is typically a jumping off point into one of our coaching, wellness, or medical programs but can be scheduled by itself if desired.

Genetic Assessments

For more information on Genetic Assessments, visit our Genetic Assessments page.


Nutrition looks at how you are genetically set up to utilize macronutrients (fats, protein, carbs), your predisposition towards hunger, satiety, taste perception, insulin resistance, food sensitivities, plant sterols, and your metabolism. If you struggle to find the right nutrition plan for you, this can be enlightening.


Supplementation will determine the need for various supplements due to genetic tendencies of enzyme activity, methylation status, and absorption from the gut among others..

Sleep Study

Sleep looks at your genetic tendencies toward sleep onset and duration, the risk for complications such as narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome.

Athletic Performance

Athletic performance looks at your VO2 max, muscle fatigability, recovery, strength, hypertrophy, power vs endurance, and soft tissue injury tendencies..


Detoxification looks at mitochondrial function and cellular detoxification.

Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs include health and lifestyle assessments and genetic assessments in a package including follow up visits. The program can be used to address multiple lifestyle related issues such as weight loss, insomnia, health issues like high blood pressure, prediabetes and diabetes, or a combination of these and other conditions. The program is also helpful for prevention of lifestyle and age-related conditions as well as overall health optimization.

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