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Executive Physicals
Beyond Primary Care

Tulsa Executive Physicals

Executive Physicals are individualized based on family history, risk, age, gender, current health status, and patient preference. These physicals are normally beyond the services provided by your primary care physician. From home sleep studies, advanced lipid analysis, micronutrient profiles, imaging, hormone evaluation, psychophysiological assessment, microbiome analysis among other tests, can provide an in-depth evaluation of current and future health risks.

Assess Health Risks

An Executive Physical is much broader and more in-depth than a traditional physical performed by your family practice physician. As part of the initial evaluation process, we will work with you to assess your current health risks and then develop a plan for you to reduce risk factors with exercise, medicine, and other lifestyle improvements.

Extensive Lab Testing

Comprehensive lab testing, including blood counts, hormone levels, lipid profile, liver panel, urinalysis, and cholesterol screening to determine your baseline. The testing may be repeated periodically to measure the effectiveness of the recommendations developed by Dr. Price as part of your Executive Physical.


Each Executive Physical is customized by Dr. Price based on your health goals, current physical assessment, and lab work. Working with Dr. Price and his medical team, you will understand your risk profile and actions you can take to reduce your risk of health problems and disease.

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